Letter to Expectant Mother

Dear Friend, 


We are Melissa and Clay. Thank you for taking the time to learn about us. If you are considering an adoption plan for your child we are humbled to be considered as prospective parents. This decision is not a light one and we commend you for taking the courageous step to get to this point. We care for you and the level care you receive bringing life into the world. We respect your choice to parent or consider an adoption plan.  We would love to support you and your child in the process as well as come up with a plan for an open adoption. Every child deserves a loving home and whether that home is ours or yours we are excited to be a part of the process. 


Our Promises to Your Child: 

    • To love you unconditionally  
    • To encourage you in your gifts and talents 
    • To honor and respect your adoption story 
    • To raise you to know God 
    • To give you great opportunities for education 
    • To be truthful and strive for good communication
With Love, Clay & Melissa

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