Our Home and Community

Our home is located just outside of a medium sized city in Washington. We have a large yard filled with big trees, growing fruit, a pool and space for a childhood full of great memories.

Our community is found in our church. Through this church family we are loved, cared for, prayed for and encouraged in our relationships with God. We are active in each other’s lives and outside of church on Sundays. We volunteer in the community through our church and attend a weekly small group. We trust our future children will be loved well by this community and have plenty of friends.

Our group of friends is diverse in age and many of our friends have children ranging from babies to teens. We frequently have dinner together throughout the week, meet up for walks, play games in a nearby park, have weekly pool days in the summer, camp and go for hikes. We also have great friends in Colorado, Illinois and a few other states; typically, we plan annual visits with these friend groups.  We frequently stay in touch over Facetime as well.

Aquatic Park & Playground Down The Street

Cherry, Apple, Pear & Plum Trees

Our Backyard